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За качество микроскопов

Сообщение Котти » 05 авг 2015, 14:50

Добрый день, подскажите, пожалуйста, вот такой микроскоп
добрый день, а вот такой микроскоп хороший для диагностики ЗППП?

насколько он качественный для лаборанта и для хорошей полноценной работы с мазками по гинекологии для диагностики?

Ссылка кривая вышла. В общем микроскопы Мюллер. Кто-нибудь знает про их качество ?

Product Informations

The Microscope MTX-2000 is a high precision instrument and is specially designed for clinical examination and teaching demonstration in medical and health establishments, laboratories, agricultural science and technologie field, research institutes. It is used for routine work and research in biology, bacteriology cytology and pharmacology. Providing with some optional accessories, the microscope will be enlarged its functions in demonstrating, collecting, saving and analyzing of the micro-image!

It comes with achromatic objectives (4x, 10x, 40x and 100x), a large Double Layers Mechanical Stage and a strong halogen illumination. The head is 45° inclined, 360° rotable and interpupillary Distance and Diopter are adjustable.

2. Technical Details

binocular, 45° inclined
360° rotatable
2 Widefield-Eyepiece: WF10x
2 Widefield-Eyepiece: WF20x
Forward Quadruple Nosepiece
4 acromatic Objectives: 4x, 10x, 40x and 100x (Oil)
Coaxial Coarse And Fine Focusing Adjustable Mechansim: 30mm, Precision: 0.002mm
Double Layer Mechanical Stage: 125 x 130 mm (70 x 45 mm)
Built-in Adjustable Brightness Halogen Lamp 6V/20W
Abbe Condenser N.A. 1.25 + Ø2-Ø30mm Iris Diaphragm And Ø32 Filter
Power Supply
220V / 50Hz
B 185 x H 400 x T 270 mm
~ 7 kg

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